What is a Fashion Makeover?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano
A fashion makeover may include new clothes.
A fashion makeover may include new clothes.

A fashion makeover is an overhaul of a person's image, clothing and fashion sense. Some people, after an extended period of time, continue to wear the same clothing even when the clothes are no longer working for them. The clothing may be severely outdated, not fit the person's body properly or the colors may make the person appear less than stellar. It is at this point that the person may consider doing an entire fashion makeover.

A fashion makeover often includes new sneakers.
A fashion makeover often includes new sneakers.

This change is not going to affect just the person's look; it can actually have an effect on several other areas of life, from career to relationships. A fashion makeover can give a boost to a person's confidence level. After dressing and looking the same for a long time, a big change can be just what someone needs to feel better about herself.

An easy way to know if a fashion makeover is necessary is to enlist the help of loved ones. Their outside perspective may be able to offer more insight. Another way is to go through the entire wardrobe and evaluate when the last time there was clothing purchased. If it is a distant memory, it may be time to do a bit of shopping.

One mistake some people may make, which is an indication of a much-needed fashion makeover, is relying too much on comfort. Sweatpants, sneakers and bulky sweatshirts are comfortable, but don't do much for the figure or confidence level. There are many pieces of clothing, for example ballet flats, that are just as comfortable but are much more stylish and figure friendly.

Before starting a fashion makeover, it is important to know what changes to make. Updated body measurements are necessary; some stores will do the measurements for free. Some clothing does not look good because it doesn't fit the way it should, and some clothes are the wrong color. Pull out a piece of clothing in every color; if there are too many colors lacking, then head to a store. Try on several pieces in varying colors, then ask a loved one to evaluate how the colors look. There may be colors that look good but that might not currently be in the closet.

Doing a fashion makeover does not have to cost a lot of money. Basic pieces can make a total transformation. A white button-down blouse and great fitting jeans are just two of the pieces that need to be in the closet. These pieces can mix and match with a variety of other pieces to create endless outfits. Accessories can also make a huge difference; for example, new earrings make a person's face look different.

Although some people fear a fashion makeover — they don't like change or don't know where to start — it can have a number of benefits. Trying on clothes, visiting stores and evaluating a wardrobe may be exhausting but after it is all done, only updates will be needed instead of having to do a complete overhaul. The effort put in can be more life changing then one may think.

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    • A fashion makeover may include new clothes.
      By: strippoli
      A fashion makeover may include new clothes.
    • A fashion makeover often includes new sneakers.
      By: Nomad_Soul
      A fashion makeover often includes new sneakers.