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What Are the Best Tips for a Doing a Body Makeover?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

People who are interested in making a major change in their appearance may decide that they want to undergo a whole body makeover. This process varies depending on the physical condition of the person who wants to undergo the makeover, but typically will include making changes in diet and participating in regular exercise for the purposes of losing weight and building muscle. In some cases, an individual may also decide to undergo bariatric or plastic surgery to assist the body makeover process. Many people find that it is a good idea to seek medical advice before making radical changes in diet or activity levels, as this can help protect an individual's overall health during the makeover process. It is also wise to seek out the advice of qualified professionals who can assist in developing a reasonable, healthy, and sustainable diet and exercise program.

If an individual wants or needs to lose a significant amount of weight or simply needs get into better shape, her first step should be to make an appointment with a primary care physician. A doctor can help the individual decide on a healthy, realistic target weight and also run tests to ensure that excess body weight is not caused by medical issues. The doctor can also advise the individual about the condition of her joints and muscles so that she can avoid exercises that may cause unhealthy strain on these areas. If an individual is significantly overweight, the physician can also help her decide whether weight-loss surgery might be a good idea.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Once a person has medical clearance to begin a body makeover plan, he should seek out advice from qualified experts in nutrition and exercise. A good nutritionist or personal trainer will ask questions about a client's lifestyle and needs and will help him figure out how to make dietary changes or incorporate exercise into his schedule. Regularly consulting with a dietitian or personal trainer provides accountability and motivation for continuing to get into shape. In many jurisdictions, dietitians must be licensed to offer professional dietary advice, while qualified personal trainers are typically certified by a reputable professional agency. Individuals undergoing a body makeover should investigate the credentials of any trainer or nutrition adviser with whom they work.

During a body makeover, some individuals may find that they are still dissatisfied with some areas of their body. In such cases, they may wish to seek out assistance from a mental health counselor, who can assist them in achieving body acceptance. Another option is to contact a plastic surgeon, who can perform such procedures as liposuction or excess skin removal. While these procedures are not without their risks and can be expensive, they can also greatly enhance a person's appearance, greatly enhancing the effects of a body makeover.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising