What is a Driver Education Test?

Mary McMahon

People may use the phrase “driver education test” to describe a test taken in a driver's education course to measure progress, or to describe a driving test in which a student driver performs a series of maneuvers for an examiner to demonstrate driving proficiency. In both cases, the outcome of the test can have an impact on whether or not someone will be licensed to drive a vehicle.

The written part of a driver education test is often multiple choice format.
The written part of a driver education test is often multiple choice format.

Many nations have a number of classes of driver's license, divided to cover different types of vehicles. Someone with a license to drive a car, for example, cannot drive a commercial truck or a bus. Likewise, motorcycle licenses are issued separately, as are licenses which allow drivers to transport hazardous materials. This system reflects the fact that these diverse types of vehicles all need to be handled differently, and being able to handle one does not necessarily mean that someone can handle all.

A driver education test might refer to a test in which a driver demonstrates proficiency.
A driver education test might refer to a test in which a driver demonstrates proficiency.

In order to obtain a license, it is usually necessary to attend driver's education, pass a written test, and pass an on the road exam. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, adults can often obtain a license to drive a car without taking driver's education, as long as they can pass the written test. Likewise, on the road tests are not always administered for motorcycle licenses, because it can be difficult for an examiner to audit a student on a motorcycle.

In driver's ed, it is common for the teacher to use a driver education test to see how well students are absorbing the material. The test has the dual purpose of measuring progress and helping students prepare for the written exam by drilling them on basic laws and procedures related to driving. The driver education test is often offered in a multiple choice format, with students selecting the best answer, although some may require students to draw or write in more complex answers.

If a student fails a driver education test given in class, the instructor may not issue a certification to indicate that the student has passed driver's education. Most programs culminate with a final test and students must have a passing score on it in order to receive a certification. This certification is needed when applying for a driver's license from an issuing agency.

After completion of driver's education, a written driver's education test is administered to license applicants to confirm that they are familiar with the basic rules of the road, including specific traffic laws and safety procedures. After satisfactory completion of this test, the student may be eligible to take a road test right away, or may need to complete some driving hours with a learner's permit.

The on the road driver education test gives students an opportunity to show that they know how to operate a vehicle safely. The test usually starts with an inspection of the safety systems in the vehicle, and then the prospective driver drives the test inspector around, following directions to park, complete turns, make lane changes, merge with traffic, and so forth. If the student completes these maneuvers safely, a driver's license will be issued.

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