How do I Prepare for a Driving Test?

D. Jeffress
D. Jeffress
A driver training course might be helpful preparation for a driving test.
A driver training course might be helpful preparation for a driving test.

Getting a driver's license in most countries involves passing a practical driving test at an government motor vehicle agency. It is common for a new driver to feel excited, and perhaps a little anxious, before the test. Knowing what to expect and thoroughly preparing for the test can ease worries and ensure a good experience. An individual can get ready for the driving test by taking driver training classes, reading through official pamphlets, practicing skills under the supervision of experienced, licensed drivers, and mentally preparing for the test day.

Before taking a driving test, most people are required to pass driver training programs at high schools, community colleges, or private companies. Even if a driver training course is not mandatory, it may be wise to enroll in one to better prepare for the official test. Experienced teachers provide detailed information about driving skills, traffic rules, courtesy, and emergency management. Students receive both classroom instruction and actual driving practice. Gaining experience behind the wheel is usually essential to performing well on the driving test.

Individuals can further prepare for driving tests by perusing written pamphlets and online information provided by their local motor vehicle departments. Most information pamphlets outline laws and safe driving practices, and even provide tips for succeeding on written and practical driving tests. By reading through official material, people can gain a clear understanding of what to expect on the day of the test.

A person can further prepare for the driving test by gaining additional practical experience under the guidance of experienced drivers. Friends or relatives can help a person get ready by explaining what was required of them on driving tests, and demonstrating common procedures such as backing up, making turns, changing lanes, and parallel parking. A prospective driver who possesses a permit is usually allowed to actually operate a vehicle with a licensed driver riding along. Passengers can help to analyze the performance of new drivers and suggest ways they can improve their technique before the driving test.

Once an individual gains experience and knows what to expect from the driving test, he or she can mentally prepare. In order to do well on the test, it is important to be calm and confident. Even an expert driver can make mistakes when he or she is nervous or distracted. Before the test, a person can take deep breaths, reread pamphlets, and mentally visualize the experience. Most driving test administrators are aware that the practical exam can be unnerving, and they are usually very kind and helpful. As long as a person is fully prepared and confident, he or she is likely to earn a license on the first try.

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    • A driver training course might be helpful preparation for a driving test.
      A driver training course might be helpful preparation for a driving test.