What is a Double Stroller?

Lauren B. Parks
Lauren B. Parks
A greater variety of tandem strollers offer the ability to snap in car seats.
A greater variety of tandem strollers offer the ability to snap in car seats.

Some say that the stroller is one of the most important purchases a parent can make. Their reasoning is simple: the stroller is essential to helping the children and parents get around. That includes everything from leisurely activities all the way to mundane errands. When purchasing a stroller, durability, weight and versatility are key factors to consider. For parents with twins or young children of similar ages, purchasing a double stroller adds additional options and concerns.

The most common forms of the double stroller are the tandem stroller and the side-by-side stroller. The dominant differences between the models are found in the structure, weight, and ease of use. Choosing the appropriate model will likely depend on the parent’s personal situation.

The tandem stroller is built so that the children sit one behind the other. This model is often offered with either stadium seats or seats on the same level. Stadium seating simply means that the child in the back is seated slightly higher than the child in the front. Some parents prefer tandem strollers because they are easier to maneuver, less expensive, come in a greater variety, and can offer car seat snap ins. The tandem double stroller is generally purchased for use with children of different ages.

The side-by-side double stroller seats the children next to one another, and is generally purchased for use with twins. Since the children are placed side-by-side, this model is necessarily wider than the tandem model, which for some, makes it harder to maneuver. Some parents prefer this model because it provides equal access to each child. This model also tends to be more lightweight and easier to fold than the tandem.

When selecting a double stroller, it is important for the purchaser to examine options beyond seating style. Wheels come in three basic options: hollow plastic, which are inexpensive and lightweight, but less durable; solid composite, which are more durable while still as lightweight as the plastic, only more expensive; and air-filled tires which are durable, easy to push, and can cross various types of terrain. Harnesses are offered in three-point and five-point models. The five-point is considered by some to be more secure. Finally, a canopy is often desired so as to protect newborns from the sun.

Double strollers that feature large tricycle-style wheels are available for those who wish to jog with their children. Double strollers designed to hitch up to bikes are available to the bikers as well. Both of these options provide busy parents a chance to maintain a fitness routine.

Though the numerous options can seem overwhelming, they are there to provide the purchaser with the ideal double stroller for their needs. The double stroller is designed to aid the parents of multiple infants. So, take your time, and choose the stroller that makes your life easier.

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    • A greater variety of tandem strollers offer the ability to snap in car seats.
      By: ramzi hachicho
      A greater variety of tandem strollers offer the ability to snap in car seats.