What is a Double Jogging Stroller?

K. Testa

Jogging strollers are a popular product among parents who like to exercise with their children, including new mothers trying to get back in shape after having a baby. For someone with two young children, a double jogging stroller is often the preferred option. It is wider than a single jogging stroller, since the children sit side by side. While not easy to maneuver indoors or in tight spaces, these are versatile and sturdy for rugged outdoor use. They are available in a wide range of prices, depending on the types of convenience and safety features desired.

Doctor with a baby
Doctor with a baby

A jogging stroller, also known as a running stroller, can be used for jogging and walking on different types of terrain. It typically has bigger wheels than a standard stroller does, though the width of the front wheel may vary between different models. Some front wheels are as wide as 20 inches (50.8 cm), while smaller swivel wheels usually measure about 12 inches (about 30.5 cm) wide. Despite its width, the double jogging stroller usually has a lightweight design that makes pushing it more comfortable for most runners. Since the strollers add resistance to one’s workout, many runners claim that their speeds improve after pushing a stroller regularly.

A double jogging stroller often has several standard convenience features. Most offer side pockets, cup holders, and storage underneath the seats. Other attractive features can include options like adjustable handles for runners of different heights, and rain or sun covers to protect young riders from the elements. In addition, many models have removable wheels and can be folded, making the strollers easy to store.

When researching potential double jogging stroller options, most people also explore the types of safety features available on different models. Five-point harnesses, wheel locks, and hand brakes are all normally considered important safety items. Another useful feature is a wrist strap on the handle, which prevents the stroller from rolling away from the jogger. Since jogging strollers generally are not recommended for use with infants and very young children, a person might want to check with his or her pediatrician to determine whether the child is old enough to ride in one. If so, he or she might choose a stroller with reclining seats and adequate head and neck support for the babies.

With the right jogging accessories, people with more than one young child can maintain their exercise routines. There are even triple strollers available for those runners who require seating for three children. Consumer magazines and parenting product guides are usually good sources of information and advice on purchasing a double jogging stroller.

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