What is a Double Balloon Whisk?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Most people are familiar with the standard wire whisk, with its sections of oblong round wires. The double balloon whisk builds on that basic premise to create a sturdy whisk that actually has a section of smaller round wires encased in a larger section of round wires. This wire balloon within a balloon design makes the double balloon whisk a great kitchen utensil to use for a number of kitchen tasks.

A balloon whisk is ideal for making fluffy meringue topping.
A balloon whisk is ideal for making fluffy meringue topping.

With a sturdy stainless steel construction, the "balloons" on whisks of this type provide the perfect way to easily blend and whip all sorts of batters and sauces thoroughly. The presence of essentially two balloon whisks built into one helps to maximize the effect of each stroke made with the utensil. The result is that it is much easier to blend ingredients for all sorts of cake batters, even when the batter is very thick. This takes some of the work out of making carrot cake batter, or preparing recipes that call for fruit chunks or coconut as part of the actual batter.

This type of balloon whisk also is great to use in the preparation of gravies. Because of the metal construction, it is possible to use the double balloon whisk when mixing the ingredients and also as a way of whipping the gravy mixture while it is simmering in the pot or pan. Lumps simply do not hold up well when a double balloon whisk is used. Even in cases where it appears the gravy is going to be hard to mix for some reason, the double balloon whisk can go a long way in smoothing out the texture and making the gravy creamy and pleasant.

As a tool to help create meringues, no manual kitchen tool works with more efficiency than the double balloon whisk. Part of the genius of the construction is that during the use of the whisk, greater amounts of air are generated. This will help the meringue to rise more quickly and remain light and fluffy when the pie goes back into the oven for a quick browning of the meringue. The same principle holds true with whipping cream as well. Double balloon whisks can create mile high portions of whipping cream that will be the perfect topping for any dessert.

The double balloon whisk can be found at just about any kitchen store as well as in the kitchen sections of most retail department stores. While the double balloon whisk may cost a little more than a standard wire whisk, it is important to remember that this utensil can save time and effort in the kitchen. In addition, a good quality double balloon whisk will last for a long time, eliminating the need to replace whisks of lesser quality every couple of years.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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