What is a Deep Wrinkle Cream?

Diane Goettel

Deep wrinkle cream is a beauty product that is meant to diminish and even out wrinkles which are deeply set into the skin. There are a number of lotions and moisturizers on the market that are indicated for use on fine lines and wrinkles. Deep wrinkle cream differs from these types of products in that it is specifically formulated to target the most severe wrinkles.

A woman with wrinkles.
A woman with wrinkles.

Deep wrinkle cream is often rather thick in consistency. It is usually significantly thicker than other kinds of creams that are meant for use on fine lines. For this reason, most products indicated for the treatment of deep wrinkles are best used overnight. Because of the consistency of this kind of cream, it may be difficult or impossible to wear with cosmetics. Furthermore, it may make the face look quite shiny.

Deep wrinkle cream often has a thick consistency.
Deep wrinkle cream often has a thick consistency.

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In addition to creams, there are also masks and serums that are formulated to treat deep wrinkles. A deep wrinkle mask may be applied for a somewhat short period of time such as 20 to 60 minutes. There are also masks for deep wrinkles that can be worn overnight. Deep wrinkle serums can usually be used during the day or during the night.

One of the best ways to choose a deep wrinkle cream is to comparison shop either at the drugstore or shopping center beauty counters. There are also numerous websites that offer information and reviews of beauty products. Very often skin care companies that sell products for deep wrinkles will include a cream, a serum, and possible even a mask in their lines.

Some beauty experts believe that the best way to treat specific skin issues is to target them with a number of different products. Depending on one's budget and desire to see results, an entire beauty regimen can be outfitted to target one issue. In addition to purchasing a deep wrinkle cream, one may consider purchasing a cleanser, toner, mask, and even foundation that all work to reduce the visibility of deep wrinkles.

It is important to note that while these beauty products and cosmetics may work to lessen the appearance of deep wrinkles, it is unlikely that any of them will smooth out such wrinkles completely. For more thorough smoothing of deep wrinkles, more drastic measures such as cosmetic surgery, cosmetic injections, skin peels, microdermabrasion, or skin resurfacing might be necessary. Unfortunately, most of these procedures are expensive and many of them require recovery time.

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