What is a Dance Workout?

Lauren Romano

A dance workout is exercise based on learning choreographed dance routines. Some participate in a class while others learn at home by watching a DVD. Outside of the home, the classes usually take place in gyms as well as in dance studios.

A dance workout is a form of exercise.
A dance workout is a form of exercise.

Dance workouts have evolved over the years, especially with new or unusual forms of dance that people may not know of that are being introduced into different areas of the world. It helps to teach the participants of the dance workout how to do it as well as the history behind it. Dance workouts also create a good atmosphere where exercisers can sweat and learn new moves at the same time.

Ballroom dancing is a great way to workout and have fun.
Ballroom dancing is a great way to workout and have fun.

A new and unfamiliar dance workout can create new motivation to work out. Dances such as belly dancing, Zumba and ballroom dancing are fun ways to work the body and sweat off quite a few calories. The more someone participates in a specific workout, the more she can become skilled in the movements and burn more calories.

When choosing a dance workout, it is important to consider the type of dance that seems interesting. If there is no appeal, it may decrease the drive to do the workout and put full effort into it. Price can also play a part in which class to take. If the classes are not part of membership fees of a gym, it could result in quite a bit of money if there are several classes a week. There may also be several levels to the class, so depending on the experience of the participant, that could play a factor as well.

Depending on the dance workout, certain attire may be required, but it will usually be optional. For example, if taking a belly dancing class, a belly dancing skirt could help the participant get more into the choreography and embrace the vibe of the class. In most classes however, regular work out attire such as sweatpants and a t-shirt could suffice.

For those who are not a big fan of typical forms of exercise, a dance workout could be just the thing to create a fun atmosphere in which exercise is enjoyable. It can help those who have put off exercise to actually get motivated and find what they need to help them shed extra pounds. With so many types of dance classes, there is almost sure to be one for everyone.

Zumba uses dance moves to provide an aerobic workout.
Zumba uses dance moves to provide an aerobic workout.

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