What is a Curved Shower Screen?

Solomon Branch
Solomon Branch
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Woman with a flower

A curved shower screen is a shower screen that usually curves to fit the design of the shower or bathtub that it is attached to. They are usually made of glass or plastic, cover less than 75% of the shower or tub opening, and attach to the wall or tub by a metal hinge or bracket. Shower screens are coverings for showers that offer partial enclosure of a shower or tub. Unlike shower curtains or shower doors, shower screens don’t cover the whole area of the shower, but instead generally cover just enough to stop the water from hitting the floor.

Many shower screens are the folding type so they can be pushed back to reveal the shower and closed to block the water from coming out or hide the shower or tub. They are mostly made of wood, which is practical but does not offer the style or elegance of glass. Although a curved shower screen doesn't offer as much privacy, as it is almost always transparent glass, it is able to highlight a tile tub or shower very well.

Most curved shower screens are made of tempered safety glass so they won’t break easily and are easier to clean. They range in price depending on the quality of the glass, the hinges used, and the size of the screen. Overall, they are relatively affordable as compared to a full shower door and they offer a more attractive alternative to shower curtains.

Many people install a curved shower screen as a permanent fixture, and it is immobile. In bathrooms that have more space, the screen might be attached to a hinge on a wall so the screen can be pushed back. Some are designed to be easily removed for cleaning or to be removed completely.

People may choose to go with a curved shower screen because it is not necessary to completely block off a shower or tub, and most of the time only a certain portion of the shower or tub needs to be covered to keep the water from hitting the floor or wall. In addition to the feeling of more space provided by the transparency of the glass, the empty area left open next to the shower screen also has the same effect. Curved shower screens are often used in newer bathrooms or bathroom remodels because of this space-creating effect, in addition to their elegance and ability to display fine tile jobs.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower