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What Are the Different Types of Folding Shower Doors?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes

Many homes use folding shower doors as a decorative design in the bathroom because these elements save space and provide an elegant look. These shower doors come in many shapes and sizes and vary in price, depending on the material. The doors are available in glass, mirror, or ceramic and are designed to provide privacy with an easy fold up design.

Installing folding shower doors is a great option for redecorating a bathroom. These doors provide a modern look for the home and come in many shapes and designs. Before purchasing a door, it is important to consider the look and privacy needs of the bathroom because each product varies in appearance.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Pleated shower doors are an example of folding shower doors that are affordable and provide good privacy. These waterproof doors are made from special plastic material that is both durable and mold resistant. They are available in many colors and sizes and are solid in design, which provides maximum privacy.

A bi-fold folding shower door is a door that folds at the center. These doors typically come in either glass or plastic material. The glass doors are framed in brass or stainless steel. Most glass doors are semi-transparent and provide moderate privacy.

Frameless folding shower doors are a modern-looking design and typically fold at the center. These doors are made from glass and have special handles and hinges that allow the door to be opened into a small folded area. Glass doors are easy to clean but provide only limited privacy while showering because of the transparent nature of glass.

There are several three-fold shower doors available. These doors fold into three pieces and are typically used in bathtub showers. These doors are good for handicapped showers that require added space for wheelchairs.

Most folding shower doors rely on special roller rails that are placed above the door area. These rails must be installed in a level position to ensure the door opens smoothly. This installation process can take considerable time and should be completed by a professional installer.

Smoked glass shower doors provide both a modern look and privacy. These doors are typically custom made and are frameless in design. Smoked glass provides a dark looking glass that provides moderate privacy for the bather.

Steam glass doors are also available in a folding pattern. These doors are typically used in steam showers and require special sealed edges. Steam glass doors are an excellent upgrade option for a standard bathroom shower.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing