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What Is a Crock-Pot® London Broil?

Erik J.J. Goserud
Erik J.J. Goserud

A Crock-Pot® London broil refers to the dish being made in a slow cooker. A London broil is a very popular dish that is generally cut in large portions and is able to feed many people at a time. A Crock-Pot® is a popular method for cooking items because it is usually low maintenance and creates delicious dishes.

One common misconception is that the term London broil refers to a cut of meat. Different cuts of meat come from varying areas of a cow's body, and a London broil is an actual dish and method of serving rather than a specific cut. Certain cuts of meat, however, are used more commonly to create London broils than others. These cuts include flank steak, top round steak, or top blade steak.


Many culinary dishes require a great amount of skill, experience, effort, and attention to create as imagined by the recipe writer. The nice thing about Crock-Pot® London broil and most other Crock-Pot® dishes is that the effort is minimal. The minimal skill and effort needed to cook this dish does not lead to a sacrifice in flavor. If done correctly, Crock-Pot® London broil can be as delectable as a chef's masterpiece.

Crock-Pots® usually utilize a low-heat cooking method that takes place over a long period of time. The advantage to this is that flavors have a greater opportunity to manifest themselves throughout the pot that is holding all of the ingredients. As Crock-Pot® London broil cooks, each ingredient seeps into other parts of the meal, allowing a mixture of seasonings, spices, meat, and other additions to be present at the finale.

Most Crock-Pot® recipes call for certain ingredients, a cooking temperature, and a cooking time. This simplification makes Crock-Pots® easy to use for even novice chefs. While some recipes may require specific maneuvers like searing or glazing, recipes made in Crock-Pots® just ask the preparer to follow instructions and perhaps stir a few times. Crock-Pot® London broil is perfect for the on-the-go parent or college student who desires a hearty meal without the hefty price or time commitment.

Regardless of culinary expectations or experience, creating Crock-Pot® London broil can be a great idea. This dish can also please and feed many and allows many opportunities for improvisation. Following proven recipes or adding ingredients at will are both options for creating dishes in the Crock-Pot®, allowing the enjoyment of a home-cooked meal during even the most hectic of times.

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