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What Are the Best Tips for Crock Pot Cooking?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

The best tips for crock pot cooking may be different for everyone, depending on individual tastes and favorite recipes. Some tips include buying a pot large enough to house the types of dishes most often cooked, following manufacturers' instructions carefully, and ensuring that recipes can be adapted for use with a crock pot. It is a good idea to use a recipe guide or book designed specifically with crock pot recipes.

Crock pot cooking allows one to cook meats and vegetables slowly over the course of several hours in a heated pot. They generally plug into an outlet and are safer to leave while working or running errands than would be an actual stove or oven. Crock pots are convenient to use because ingredients can generally just be tossed inside and then left until it’s time to eat. They also cook meats very slowly, meaning that a less pricey cut of beef or pork can be purchased without sacrificing flavor.


When cooking in a crock pot, it is important not to fill the pot too high since the food items toward the top may not cook as thoroughly. Meats should be placed near the center or bottom of the pot when possible to ensure they are heated thoroughly. It is also a good idea to make sure the pot is at least half full with food since this can prevent burning, sticking, and charring.

One of the best tip for crock pot cooking is to use recipes which have been adapted to the crock pot. Almost any entrée, casserole, or meat can be prepared using a crock pot cooker, but sometimes slight alterations have to made to prevent dryness or other problems. Many times it is a simple case of adding added water, broth, or another liquid to the dish. There are recipe books on the market which feature only crock pot meals.

It is also a good idea to take steps for easy cleanup when cooking in a crock pot. This can be done by using liners which are sold specifically for crock pots. They are placed over the pot area and food is placed inside. The lid still fits over the top. Once cooking is finished, the liner can be thrown away.

Those who use intend to do frequent crock pot cooking may also wish to choose an energy efficient model to save on power costs. Most crock pots have the same general features with a high and low setting, but some are much larger than others, so a bigger model is often best for making stews and soups. Some also have added handles for easier carrying.

These factors should all be considered before making a purchase. Consumers should decide what the crock pot will be used for most of the time, whether it be entertaining or saving time on making dinner, and chosen with convenient features in mind. Cost is another factor, although most crock pots are reasonably priced.

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