What is a CPCU®?

Jim B.
Jim B.
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

CPCU® is an initialism for chartered property casualty underwriter, which is a term describing a certified member of a society of insurance brokers. The members of this group must pass rigorous exams and prove themselves as insurance brokers over a certain period of time. These individuals are skilled in providing their clientele with the best possible options for casualty and property insurance. By choosing a CPCU, individuals seeking insurance can have some security in knowing that they are being properly served.

The insurance industry is one that can be bewildering to the average individual trying to navigate between different policies and various insurance options. Since that is the case, it is crucial that anyone seeking out a specific type of insurance has some sense of certainty in knowing that she is making the right choice, especially considering the financial considerations at stake. For this reason, an individual would be wise to seek out the professional services of a CPCU®, who has proved his ability in this complicated and competitive industry.

To qualify as a CPCU®, an insurance agent must meet various standards that insure that she is well-suited to serve the needs of her clientele. The most daunting step in becoming a member of this group is a series of eight tests that determine the qualifications of the test taker. These tests measure the agent's knowledge of industry standards and legal issues, as well as the principles of risk management that are at the heart of the insurance industry.

In this way, individuals who contract the services of a CPCU® can be assured that the insurance that they choose will best protect them from any potential liabilities. The agent will also be able to properly explain to the client the reasons why one type of insurance might be more beneficial to the client than another type in terms of the specific exposure to risk the person might have. Such agents are available for all major types of insurance, like life, home, or business.

A CPCU® must prove himself over a period of time as a reliable, experienced agent to be a member of this society. He must also abide by a certain ethical code, thereby assuring he will perform his duties in an honest way to best serve the customer. With all of these requirements attached to the society, it is a safe assumption that any agent who qualifies as a member would be a trustworthy choice for an individual requiring some type of insurance.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase