What is a Copywriting Expert?

Ken Black
Ken Black
Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

A copywriting expert is an individual who is professionally employed, or who works as a professional freelancer, to promote businesses, products, or ideas through the written word. Individuals who are experts in this field generally get most of their income from the practice of writing this promotional or informational material, or "copy," as it is called in the trade. Though anyone with writing ability may be able to become a copywriting expert, those who get the most opportunities will likely have a business or marketing degree of some sort.

Some copywriting experts focus on specific disciplines within a field. For example, the type of writing that makes for effective television or radio copywriting is different from the type of writing needed for a newspaper or magazine advertisement. While most writers can understand this, a copywriting expert that focuses in one medium or the other may gain more skills in those particular areas.

In addition to focusing on specific types of media, a copywriting expert may also focus on different products. All writers have their own specific comfort areas. For example, the knowledge needed to write about pet care is different than what would be required if doing travel copywriting. Copywriters who know their limitations are likely to provide more persuasive and effective writing, and do so at a much quicker rate.

A company may pay a copywriting expert in a number of different ways. Employees will often receive an hourly rate, with the work hours they receive being determined by the orders the company has taken in. Contractors may also be paid by the word, or by the job, depending on the company's policies. Some contractors may even be paid a percentage of the sales their copy brings in. While seldom done in traditional models, this type of pay arrangement has become popular with Internet-based copy orders.

As with many other types of contractors, a freelance copywriting expert must be good at managing money very wisely as there is no guarantee of steady work. Being very busy one month and having to search for work the next is not uncommon. Therefore, a copywriting expert may need to be able to plan ahead financially for the lean periods in order to have a comfortable living. The benefit of freelancing is that the copywriter has more freedom in setting a schedule and choosing jobs.

While such uncertainty may prompt many writers to seek regular, full-time employment, there are also other benefits to those who choose that route. In addition to a steady salary, a staff copywriter also may have health benefits that are not offered to independent contractors. Also, being on a staff offers a better opportunity to create personal relationships, which could lead to steady employment.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up