What is a Commercial Garage Door?

Ken Black
Ken Black
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

A commercial garage door is a type of garage door often found in certain types of businesses, most commonly related to those businesses which work on automobiles. In most cases, these garage doors are larger and less ornate than most other types of garage doors. Usually a commercial garage door is an overhead garage door similar to doors used in many other types of applications. These doors are commonly seen at truck shipping terminals and airplane hangars.

In most cases, a commercial garage door will be an overhead door, though there are other types of commercial doors found. Outside of an overhead door, the most common are likely to be those which slide horizontally. In some ways, this may be a better way to protect a door, especially when there are tools and work areas that require a high vertical clearance. In many other cases, the use a horizontal door is simply the continuation of an older style and preference that has simply not been updated.

In many cases, a commercial garage door will need to meet a number of different standards. First, it may need to be taller to allow cover larger openings for larger vehicles. Commercial garages are often responsible for housing larger vehicles as well. Second, the door must be able to be secured so that burglars are not able to easily break in when there is no one present.

Due to the focus on functionality, there is often very little attention paid to the aesthetics of a garage door. This is one of the major differences between a commercial garage door and a residential garage door. While residential garage doors may have ornate patterns and various designs in the woodwork. An overhead garage door will usually have a plain face, but may also have some small windows.

The most common material for a commercial garage door is steel. These doors offer a great deal of durability, but tend to dent easily. However, for those who do not mind a little denting, the material is very functional for its intended use. Steel doors are also relatively inexpensive, but that may depend on the features chosen.

In some cases, the steel commercial garage door will be insulated to help provide a more comfortable atmosphere for any workers in the garage as well as to help cut down on energy costs. Insulating a steel commercial door in harsher climates is important simply because the doors must protect a large area of the garage. Not insulating the doors but insulating the rest of the garage, given how much surface area the doors may take up, makes very little sense. An insulated door will cost more than a non-insulated door, but the energy savings and the increased productivity from a more comfortable working space may provide some even greater financial benefits.

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Is there a point, weight or size wise when one would want to get a commercial or over a residential one, in dealing with a large vehicle?

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips