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What is a Combination Resume?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A combination resume is one that highlights an individual's skills and experience before listing their work history. It may or may not include a career objective. This document is normally one or two pages in length. It can be a good choice for people who have had relevant work experience in the past rather than recently. This type of resume is normally easy to tailor to the individual job being applied for.

Just as with other types of resumes, one of the first items on a combination resume is normally the applicant's name and contact information. Directly under this is usually a heading listing the person's special skills or work experience. These might be in bullet format, which is a short list containing short phrases summarizing each skill and work experience.

A resume.
A resume.

This business document could also be used to highlight any special equipment an individual is familiar with. It could also specify types of software an applicant has used before. Professional resume writers recommend being as specific as possible when using a combination resume to draw attention to these skills.

Some templates allow for a career objective to be added to the combination resume. When doing this, the writer should try to tailor this statement to the organization it is being prepared for. The skills and experience should likewise be modified to reflect the qualifications being sought by the employer.

There are some advantages to using this format over others. Some of them include the flexibility to format the document to individual job postings. It can also give a prospective employer a better idea of an applicant's skills and abilities. A combination resume can also disguise gaps in employment, which may be considered a disadvantage when seeking employment.

Since gaps in employment can often be hidden with the use of a combination resume, many bosses may look at them with skepticism. It can also be more difficult to write than other types of resumes. This document could also require more proofreading than is typically needed with other styles.

People who are in the market for a job have many choices when it comes to creating a resume. For some individuals, a combination resume can help them highlight their specialized skills while downplaying gaps in employment. This could help them secure an interview rather than being overlooked amongst other candidates. Job hunters who feel they might be getting passed over may want to consider using this format to tailor a resume that could grab the attention of a would-be employer and help them land a position.

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    • A resume.
      By: NAN
      A resume.