What is a Coil Hose?

Ken Black
Ken Black

A coil hose is a hose that looks very reminiscent of the type of telephone cord that commonly connects the handset to the base. The hose coils using a series of loops which can then be expanded with just a very little bit of pressure. When the user is finished, the coil hose resumes its previous position, making it very compact and easier to store.

Of the many types of hoses available, the coil hose may be the best choice when there is a need to move around, but that need is limited to a specific, smaller area. Most coil hoses may only be able to reach 10 yards (9.15 meters). Some extended versions may push this closer to 25 yards (22.9 meters). However, using the coil hose to its full length may be somewhat cumbersome, because as the hose is stretched further, it offers more resistance and becomes more difficult to manage.

A coil hose is commonly seen in two specific applications: those that carry air and those carrying water. The water coil hose is very convenient for smaller gardens and perhaps patio areas where there are many plants. The coil air hose is often seen used with home air compressors.

The major advantage to the coil hose is it has an ability to almost store itself after use. Trying to roll up a hose is often not the easiest of tasks. Rollers for garden hoses can help, but are by no means a simple solution either. Air hoses are often even a bigger hassle, as they are usually wrapped around the compressor in some sort of fashion. The coil hose solves both of these dilemmas.

While the coil hose may be a good choice for some, they have their drawbacks as well. Maneuverability is often a big factor. They can be hard to move around, especially in areas with many corners or objects. Due to the fact the coil hose does not simply lay flaccid like many other hoses, it may also be more prone to knocking things over, if anything such as potted plants happen to be elevated on tables, shelves, or other platforms.

Those interested in purchasing a coil hose will have many options. The most common length for coiled water hoses are 50 feet (15 meters). The hoses start at approximately $10 US Dollars (USD) and go up near $70 USD, depending on the brand and the length. A coiled air hose will often come as standard equipment on an air compressor meant for home use. However, they can be purchased separately as well.

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