What Is a Chicken Mushroom Casserole?

Donna Tinus

Chicken mushroom casserole is a hot dish that is usually baked in the oven. A casserole generally consists of a few ingredients combined with something to bind them together, such as a can of creamy soup or perhaps gravy. Chicken mushroom casserole may have rice, potatoes, or another type of vegetable in addition to the chicken and mushrooms.


One version of this classic hot dish is the Marsala chicken mushroom casserole. Generally, the hot casserole uses Parmesan cheese, chopped flat-leaf parsley and long-grain rice, along with the chicken and mushrooms. White or marsala wine and heavy cream add flavor and hold the ingredients together. A small amount of flour is incorporated into the casserole to slightly thicken the creamy sauce.

Chicken mushroom casserole can be made using chicken gravy.
Chicken mushroom casserole can be made using chicken gravy.

As an appropriate covered dish for a pot luck supper at church or a party, chicken mushroom casserole is easy to make. Once the baked dish is done, it should be removed from the oven and left to cool slightly on the counter. This makes it easy to transport. This homemade casserole dish warms up nicely in a microwave without losing essential taste or texture. If no microwave is available, keep it warm by wrapping the covered dish with a large towel.

Most chicken mushroom casseroles are prepared with precooked chicken. If the chicken is not cooked first, the raw chicken will cook in the casserole, but the juices may make the sauce too thin. The chicken can be boiled, broiled, or fried. For a heavier casserole with a fried chicken taste, the chicken is cut into bite-sized pieces coated in breadcrumbs and flour, then fried in oil. The chicken is then mixed with cream, sour cream, onions, and cooked rice.

By cooking the rice and chicken and mixing them with the other ingredients, chicken mushroom casserole can be prepared ahead and frozen until ready to use. The rice should be prepared and allowed to cool down. The cooled rice is then mixed in with cooked chicken and the other ingredients that are indicated in the recipe for the casserole. The mixture can be poured into a freezer bag, or plastic freezer container and placed in the refrigerator. It is then removed when needed and allowed to thaw in the refrigerator, then fully cooked in the oven. This makes this casserole a good choice to prepare in advance, then cook on a weeknight.

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