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What is a Breastfeeding Necklace?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

A breastfeeding necklace typically serves as a toy for curious babies to play with while they nurse. Though most newborns are interested in just eating and then falling asleep at the breast, older babies tend to become distracted by objects around them, which can make it difficult to keep their attention while nursing. This type of necklace is often bright and durable so that it can both attract babies and withstand the pulling and twisting that is likely to follow. A breastfeeding necklace can also serve as a stylish accessory for the mother, as well as a keepsake for later, as it may remind the mother of the time she spent nursing her baby several years before.

Some companies sell breastfeeding necklaces, but just about any bright, durable necklace can typically be used for this purpose. As long as the jewelry attracts the baby and can withstand some tugging, it can do the job. The typical breastfeeding necklace features colors and designs that appeal to the senses of most infants, so they usually include pastel shades, and interesting shapes. Of course, they can also feature large, simple shapes that are easy to grab, or they may be filled with beads. It is crucial, though, that the breastfeeding necklace be sturdy enough to avoid breakage since small pieces that may fall off the jewelry can be a choking hazard.


While the purpose of a breastfeeding necklace is to keep the baby's attention, mothers also often want to look fashionable. Of course, they rarely have time to get dressed up or wear lots of jewelry, so breastfeeding accessories like this one might be the best way add some style to their wardrobe. Therefore, the most popular necklaces on the market can appeal to both infants and adults. Common shapes that are often trendy may include butterflies, flowers, and rounded gemstones, allowing women to show off their style while catching their baby's attention.

Mothers who do not want to spend money on a new breastfeeding necklace can make their own. Most craft stores sell pendants and gemstones, which can typically be easily attached to a durable cord, such as one that is made of leather. It should be noted that breastfeeding tools like this can also be used by mothers who choose to bottle feed, as nearly all babies get to a stage in which they enjoy grabbing and twisting colorful objects.

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