How Do I Choose the Best Nursing Pajamas?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

When you are trying to choose the best nursing pajamas, easy access may be your most important consideration. You will likely want to make sure you can easily open the top of the pajamas to breastfeed, even if you are tired and holding a baby in your arms. Likewise, you may find it important to choose pajamas made from a soft fabric to keep both you and your baby comfortable. Style is also important, as you probably want sleepwear that enhances your appearance rather than makes you look frumpy. Additionally, you might consider buying combination maternity and nursing pajamas to help you stay comfortable both during your pregnancy and in the postpartum months.

Nursing pajamas should provide easy access to the breast.
Nursing pajamas should provide easy access to the breast.

Easy access is usually key when you are trying to choose the best nursing pajamas. The point of this kind of sleepwear is to allow you to sleep comfortably but also have easy access to your breasts when the time comes to nurse. Some breastfeeding sleepwear has zippers or buttons in the front while others may have hidden flaps, buttons, or Velcro closures you can open to nurse your baby. The most important thing is that you can easily open the breast portion, even if you must do so one-handed while holding your baby in your other arm. An easy-to-open breast panel may also come in handy if you need to nurse in the middle of the night and are too tired to deal with complicated fastenings.

You might also consider soft fabric important when you are trying to choose the best nursing pajamas. The softener the fabric, the better you will probably sleep in them. This, however, is not the only reason to opt for a soft fabric. Since your baby's delicate skin also will touch your pajamas, you won't want a fabric that will chafe or otherwise irritate his skin.

Style is also important when you are trying to choose the best nursing pajamas — you will probably want not just utilitarian pajamas, but also sleepwear that helps you feel good about how you look. For example, if you want to lounge around in your home in your nursing pajamas instead of donning them right before you go to bed, you will likely want to feel comfortable about your appearance. These pajamas come in many styles, so you can take your pick. For instance, you could choose nursing pajamas in a dark color for a slimming look or a sundress-style nightgown when you want to enhance your femininity.

As you are comparing nursing pajamas, you might consider whether you want to wear them during your pregnancy as well. Maternity pajamas are usually roomier to allow for a growing belly and lightweight to avoid making you too hot at a time when hormonal changes can leave you overheated. Combination maternity and breastfeeding pajamas are meant to take you from pregnancy through nursing in comfort. You may appreciate the extra room after you have given birth, as it can take a while to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. The time after birth may also involve significant hormonal changes, so you may continue to appreciate the lightweight fabric as well.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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