What is a Barbecue Hook?

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Whether preparing barbecue at home or in a restaurant kitchen, chances are that a barbecue hook would make the process a lot easier. Here are some specifics about the barbecue hook and how it can make a big difference, no matter what type of barbecue is being prepared.

Barbecue hooks are used to pick up pieces of meat and move them around on a grill.
Barbecue hooks are used to pick up pieces of meat and move them around on a grill.

Barbecue hooks are simple devices. A basic barbecue hook is a long piece of cast iron or steel that has a hook on one end. The other end is usually embedded or attached to a wooden handle. A household barbecue hook is usually no shorter than 17 inches (43 cm), while commercial variations of the barbecue hook can range up to three feet (0.9 m) in length. Along with the single hook models, there is also a two-pronged barbecue hook that if often favored in restaurants that specialize in serving barbecue plates.

Since meat for barbecue is usually prepared on open grills and in large sections, the barbecue hook makes it possible to easily pick up the slabs of meat and reposition them on the grill, either by turning or shifting the meat around. Barbecue hooks also are handy ways to remove the meat from the grille and transport the cooked product to another surface for chopping and cutting. The barbecue hook comes in handy during this process as well, since it easily allows the cook to hold the meat in place while the chopping and cutting is going on.

The barbecue hook is highly recommended for several reasons. First, the barbecue hook is a tool that aids in handling the meat in a hygienic fashion. Cleanliness in the kitchen is always important, especially so in commercial kitchens. Second, a barbecue hook helps to keep the chef or cook from harm. Because the barbecue hook allows the meat to be prepared without the cook coming in direct contact with the grill area, there is a reduced chance of accidents, such as burns to the hands. Last, the barbecue hook saves time during the chopping and cutting process, making it possible for the cook to finish with the preparation much more quickly and efficiently.

Purchasing a barbecue hook is easy. Just about any high-end kitchen supply store will have a nice selection of barbecue hooks to choose from. Also, stores that carry a nice line of grilling utensils will probably have some of the longer models. Food service centers that cater to restaurants will also carry commercial barbecue hooks as an essential inside and outside grilling utensil. Even some of the larger retail chains with kitchen departments will have a barbecue hook or two in stock. Moderately priced and useful for a number of applications, a barbecue hook can be a great addition to any kitchen.

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