What Factors Affect a Network Manager's Salary?

Maggie Worth
Maggie Worth
The talent pool in a given area may affect a network manager’s salary.
The talent pool in a given area may affect a network manager’s salary.

A number of factors can significantly affect a network manager’s salary. These can include geographic location and company features such as size and success as well as the individual’s qualifications in terms of experience and education. Salary may also be impacted by job-specific duties such as personnel management, size of the managed network, and shift hours.

Geographic location can have a serious impact on the pay rate for any job for two main reasons: cost of living and availability of talent in the market. For example, certain countries, states, or cities have much higher costs of living than others, meaning that essentials such as real estate, food, and transportation are more expensive. A network manager’s salary is likely higher in these areas. This is sometimes called a cost of living adjustment.

The talent pool in a given area may also affect a network manager’s salary. For example, a large operation in a fairly small town may not have many local options when it comes to certain professions, IT functions included. Such a company might need to pay a higher rate in order to attract talent from bigger cities.

A network manager’s salary also varies based on the employer. Large, established corporations may have the ability to pay at a higher rate than small, private firms or those just starting out. Companies experiencing market success may be able to pay more than those that are struggling. Conversely, a struggling company might intentionally increase a salary offering to attract or keep talent that can improve the company position.

Personal qualifications generally have a significant impact on a network manager’s salary. Those with more experience, education, or a combination thereof are likely to have more and better-paying opportunities. In some cases, specialized experience with a certain type of network or within a specific industry can also increase earning potential. For those looking to work for governmental, military, or certain private corporations, security clearance or the ability to obtain such clearance equates to higher pay.

As with any function, job conditions can affect a network manager’s salary. An individual who is responsible for managing personnel often makes more than one who is responsible only for the technology. Responsibility for highly complex or expensive systems might also mean a pay boost. In general, the more people managed and the more complex the network, the higher the salary is likely to be. Other factors, such as an on-call requirement or a third-shift schedule, may additionally impact salary.

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    • The talent pool in a given area may affect a network manager’s salary.
      The talent pool in a given area may affect a network manager’s salary.