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What Does an Online Chemistry Tutor Do?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

An online chemistry tutor helps students learn chemistry through different types of web-based communication. He may teach students individually or in small groups, and he will also usually hand out assignments and test his students. A chemistry tutor must be very knowledgeable about chemistry, and most tutors have advanced degrees in the subject. Language, math, and computer skills, along with up-to-date equipment and software, are also a must. These types of tutors can either work for themselves or for an established company.

Tutors are teachers that give students additional needed instruction in certain academic areas. Chemistry tutors provide students with additional instruction in the subject of chemistry. An online chemistry tutor provides this instruction over the Internet, through various means of electronic communication. He may use emails, instant messengers, webinars, or other types of web-based communication to instruct his students.

A chemical reaction.
A chemical reaction.

Online chemistry tutors have a number of ways of teaching their students. Some may offer one-on-one help, while others may prefer to teach to small groups. A tutor can help his students understand difficult problems, and offer tricks and tips as well. Just like a regular teacher, a tutor will also usually assign homework and test his students to determine what areas they need help in.

An online chemistry tutor will typically need to be very knowledgeable about chemistry. Most tutors usually either have a post-secondary degree in chemistry, or they are working to get one. Some teaching experience is also helpful. A retired chemistry teacher would often make an excellent full-time online chemistry tutor, for instance. Chemistry teachers students working toward a degree in chemistry could become part-time chemistry tutors.

Besides a knowledge of chemistry, an online chemistry tutor must have a number of other skills as well. He must be able to communicate very well in the language in which he is teaching, and he must have good basic math skills. Since an online chemistry tutor teaches over the Internet, he should also know how to work with computers.

Up-to-date hardware and software is also very important for an online chemistry tutor. Outdated computer equipment or software can sometimes be unreliable, so it may result in the loss of a job or clients. Obviously, a fast Internet connection is also necessary.

Most online tutoring companies hire online chemistry tutors. These companies usually test their tutors before offering them a position. One may also be able to become a freelance online chemistry tutor. The second option may be a bit more difficult, however, since the tutor does not have the support of an established and reputable company.

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    • A chemical reaction.
      By: shoot4u
      A chemical reaction.