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How Do I Become an Online Chemistry Tutor?

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

To become an online chemistry tutor, applicants require some educational experience, qualifications in the field in which they are hoping to tutor, and basic computer skills. Experience as an educator can be gained through working at a school or university or even by obtaining certification from a tutoring organization. Potential tutors also need some qualification in the subject they intend to tutor in, preferably a degree in chemistry. Basic computer skills are also required to become an online chemistry tutor, because the learning will all take place over the internet through a computer. Knowledge of most common computer programs is generally suitable for online tutors.

Gaining experience as an educator is potentially the most difficult requirement to become an online chemistry tutor. Some websites do not necessarily require teaching experience, but having experience will give applicants an edge over those who do not. Experience can be gained by getting a job teaching a course in an educational institution or even by becoming a teaching assistant. Tutoring organizations often offer certification suitable for a role as an online chemistry tutor.

A chemical reaction.
A chemical reaction.

Chemistry experience is arguably the most important requirement to become an online chemistry tutor. Most tutors will have experience in chemistry in the form of some qualifications in the field. The best qualifications are university degrees — a bachelor's degree or higher. Qualifications lower than degree level can be suitable, but this is dependent on the level of the students requiring tutelage.

Some online tutoring organizations have a list of concepts which are covered in the course the tutor is applying for. As long as the tutor understands and is comfortable teaching students these concepts, then he or she can apply for the position. Understanding the concepts is more important than having experience teaching them, but a full understanding is vital to become an online chemistry teacher. Students who require tutors generally have difficulty understanding the key concepts, and a full understanding helps teachers explain in an easy-to-digest way.

Basic computer skills are very important to become an online chemistry tutor. Online courses are conducted entirely through computers. The most important aspect of this is the ability to type special characters in word processing programs so that concepts can be explained in suitable academic fashion. For example, chemical equations have to be presented in an accurate way in order for students to gain a full understanding of them. Generally, knowledge of the most basic computer programs is suitable to become an online chemistry tutor.

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    • A chemical reaction.
      By: shoot4u
      A chemical reaction.