What Does an Internet Application Developer Do?

Troy Holmes
Troy Holmes
Many different apps are available for smartphones.
Many different apps are available for smartphones.

An Internet application developer is a computer programmer who builds software applications for the Internet. These applications work on web browsers or mobile devices. Some examples of Internet applications include games, social networking sites, and email systems. This job requires an understanding of the nuances in building software programs that perform well over the Internet

Web-based accounting systems are software programs that assist companies with financial management designed to work over the Internet. An Internet application developer builds this type of software. This type of programmer is typically familiar with accounting and many Internet programming languages.

An Internet application developer understands the programming languages of Java®, C++®, Visual Basic®, and hypertext markup language (HTML). These are the most common types of programming languages used to build Internet applications. The programmer is also experienced in building distributed software applications that can support thousands of simultaneous users.

A game programmer is another type of Internet application developer. These software engineers build popular games that are designed for smart phones and mobile computer devices. The game programmer is a niche job that requires a good understanding of advanced graphics and game tactics.

Internet sales tracking applications are used by many businesses to track potential leads and sales for new clients. This type of software is considered a rich Internet application because it has many advanced options and cosmetic features. The Internet application developer who works on these understands human factors design so he can make the appearance of the user interface more attractive.

An automated Inventory management system is another software application that is typically built by an Internet application development team. These programs help companies manage inventory and equipment. Using a web-based inventory system makes it easier to track assets that are disbursed throughout the country because it is accessible anywhere.

The educational requirements for an Internet application developer are similar to those for other programming jobs. It typically requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering with project management skills. The programmer should understand networks, software programming, and database management.

Software application developers typically wear professional business attire and work in a corporate atmosphere. These are desk jobs that require a person to sit in front of a computer for several hours at a time. Building software programs is a complex job that requires patience and creativity with a keen eye for graphic presentation.

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    • Many different apps are available for smartphones.
      By: N-Media-Images
      Many different apps are available for smartphones.