What Does an Equipment Specialist Do?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

An equipment specialist is an important position for many companies that rely upon machinery for manufacturing items. While the types of machinery will vary, the overall job duties of an equipment specialist are generally the same in any industry. These duties include optimizing the functioning and overall efficiency of machinery, keeping machinery in safe working condition, providing leadership for other workers and making any necessary repairs to machinery.

One of the most important duties of an equipment specialist is optimizing a company's machinery in order to increase efficiency and output. He will perform research and experiment with different techniques in order to get the most performance out of different machines. For example, if a company makes mufflers, the equipment specialist might adjust machinery to speed up the process used to manufacture them. Doing so should help the company produce a higher volume of quality mufflers in less time, which means a profit increase.

Another critical part of the job is ensuring that machinery stays in proper working condition in order to maintain safety standards. It's up to the equipment specialist to consistently perform check-ups and keep the environment safe for managers and other workers. This is usually done by making routine inspections. When a problem is found, this employee will make appropriate repairs and exchange old parts with new ones. As a result, workers can safely perform their jobs and use machinery without risking their well being.

Providing leadership and instruction to workers concerning the use of machinery is also part of the job. Since the equipment specialist has a wealth of knowledge and experience, it's up to him to transfer that knowledge to other workers. This is especially important if alterations are made to machinery. As technology evolves, it's necessary for the equipment specialist to keep everyone up to date on changes. Doing so should keep the production of goods efficient, minimize mistakes and reduce financial loss.

In addition, it's mandatory that the equipment specialist is able to perform repairs to machinery when necessary. No matter what industry he's in, there is bound to be some type of complication from time to time. When this happens, he will assess the situation and determine what the best solution is. From there, he will use specific tools to restore machinery back to working order. In some industries, this might also involve lifting heavy equipment which will require the specialist to be in good physical health as well.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips