What Are the Best Tips for Heavy Equipment Repair?

Dan Cavallari

Any piece of heavy equipment used regularly will require heavy equipment repair at some point. The owner of the piece of equipment will have two general options: he or she can attempt to do the repairs, or the owner can have a heavy equipment repair mechanic do the work. Fixing heavy equipment can be a difficult process that requires a working knowledge of engine repair and hydraulics, as well as welding and even metal machining. Special tools may also be required to complete repairs, and the process can take a significant amount of time.

In some cases, the best option might be to have a professional heavy equipment repairman do the work.
In some cases, the best option might be to have a professional heavy equipment repairman do the work.

A working knowledge of machine processes and welding will be required for heavy equipment repair. Welding certification may be necessary as well, and training in the use of computer numeric control (CNC) machines will almost certainly be required. These processes can take several years to learn, which means it may be advisable to have professional heavy equipment repair companies do the job instead. If the owner of the machine is trained in welding and CNC machine work, it may be possible to do some repair jobs without hiring a repair company. Other repairs, however, may be more complex and may require a working knowledge of hydraulics.

Many pieces of large heavy equipment feature several hydraulic systems, from boom arms to drive systems. Repairing such systems can be difficult, and an understanding of hydraulics will be necessary. Many heavy equipment repair professionals have undergone specific training in hydraulic systems, and this training must be updated periodically. If the owner is considering doing his or her own repairs, at least a basic understanding of hydraulic systems will be necessary. It is a good idea to ensure the proper tools for the job are available before beginning a repair, and it will be necessary to keep the piece of heavy equipment from use until the repair is complete; this may mean renting an alternate piece of equipment to temporarily replace it.

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Whenever work is being done to a piece of heavy equipment, the power to the unit should be cut off completely and the machinery should be stabilized. Batteries should be disconnected and all engines should be shut down entirely to prevent any injuries or accidents. If the heavy equipment repair is being done to a vehicle with wheels or tracks, the vehicle should be stabilized with the vehicle brakes as well as with blocks at the wheels or some other stabilization method.

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Nice post! Heavy machinery also needs heavy maintenance so it can function well. They always have mechanics to repair the minor and major problems in their machinery.

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