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What Does an Associate Business Analyst Do?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

A business analyst is any professional who studies, defines, and works to optimize plans for a business or organization, such as a government. An associate business analyst is normally a professional who works in a larger firm. In some cases, an associate is an entry level position for those who are expected to gather materials and organize data for more established professionals. Other organizations might allow associates to function independently. Some of the most common duties of an associate business analyst are to determine the needs of an effective business strategy, analyze marketing approaches, optimize business processes, and integrate technology into the processes.

An associate business analyst commonly works in a number of different areas at once. He or she can be responsible for communicating the needs of one department to another. Interviews with key members of a team, analysis of markets, and general knowledge of a relevant subject are used by analysts.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

When taking on a new client, an associate business analyst might first sit down with a collection of data regarding how much a business spends, what kinds of clients they have, how much they produce, and at what rates they hope to grow and in which directions. An analyst may also inquire into what kinds of Information Technology (IT) services a business uses, since this is often an important factor in determining the effectiveness of a business process. This information should give a business analyst a good idea of what a business needs to achieve its goals.

Marketing approaches can often determine how much a business earns. An associate business analyst might use market research to determine the effectiveness of a business's marketing strategies. While most analysts are not marketing specialists, a professional in this field can often provide helpful insight concerning the strength of organizational marketing policies.

A business process describes all of the ways in which different departments of an organization communicate with one another. An optimal business process can improve productivity, lower cost, and increase profits. A duty of an associate business analyst is to analyze communications among different departments. IT and telecommunications systems are closely related to a business process.

Most business analysts have technological or engineering backgrounds. The reason for this is that computer networks often play a large part in a process's effectiveness. It is common for an associate business analyst to communicate needs of a business with an IT department. An analyst might also communicate needs of IT and software developers to business managers in a clear language that is easy to understand.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips