What Does an Application Engineering Manager Do?

M. Kayo

An application engineering manager works with a team of engineers to collect information and report on the capabilities and capacities of the products which a company makes. These engineers may also compare this data to competing products as well. Other duties include the design and development of systems or equipment, the redesign of existing equipment for customers or clients, and making sure each individual project meets its deadline and stays within budget. An application engineering manager also advises application engineering teams in regard to specific tasks, projects or operations.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

The basic duties for this position include directing and managing projects from beginning to end, determining the scope and ultimate goals of each project, including resource or cost estimates, and providing support for the successful completion of each project. Typically, reporting to the head of a particular department, an application engineering manager should possess the ability to lead and direct others to do the best work possible for their customers. The position requires an innate ability to handle many different tasks and projects at various levels of complexity at the same time.

This position may also involve researching, preparation, and presentation of various bids and proposals involving particular projects. A good application engineering manager must have an extensive knowledge of the processes and equipment used in a particular field of engineering and possess the ability to communicate that information in an effective way. A working knowledge of project management software is also necessary.

The training for an application engineering manager usually includes a bachelors or masters degree in a specialized discipline of engineering and anywhere between five to ten years of experience in the field of application engineering or a related area. Experience is vital, and those desiring this position must possess a deep familiarity with the procedures, concepts, and practices that are a part of this field. In order to accomplish the goals of designing, redesigning, and troubleshooting various types of equipment and products and making them better, an application engineering manager must be flexible and think outside of the box when approaching these types of problems.

Some application engineering managers work abroad, so learning a foreign language may be part of the job description. Travel is also likely be a big part of this position. People skills are also important as this position may require developing and maintaining relationships with sales managers, local representatives, and other personnel within certain regions or countries. The ability to work out problems, set priorities, and complete tasks on time within a high-pressure environment is vital.

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