What Does an Administration Trainee Do?

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YaShekia King
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Administration trainees are individuals who are practicing how to work in the area of office administration, or ensuring that business offices operate effectively. These people must be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time and work under deadline pressure in addition to being upbeat and performing well in fast-paced environments. A traineeship can last about a year and leads to a college-level certificate. An individual who works as an administration trainee must provide customer service and work with company money. He or she additionally has to oversee the filing of business paperwork and possess the skills necessary to draft written documents using a computer.

One task of an administration trainee is to interact with customers and co-workers. For example, he or she might be responsible for greeting visitors at his or her establishment or even helping fellow employees to complete tasks as necessary. Fielding telephone call questions also is necessary in this role. An outgoing personality and the ability to act professionally constitute requirements to perform these duties well. A person in this line of work must also have strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

Another important responsibility of an individual in this field involves handling money. An organization might require a trainee to perform compensation duties to make sure that employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner. This could involve inputting employee payroll items into the appropriate computer database. He or she may also be responsible for handling banking and finance-related tasks such as tracking business transactions and reviewing the company’s monetary records to ensure that they match bank statements. For this reason, a person needs to have solid math skills and be very detail-oriented if he or she wants to become an administration trainee.

A necessary task in this vocational area involves managing documents as well. A company usually requires an administration trainee to oversee the organization of records and correspondence to make sure that they are easily retrievable when needed. Filing skills are therefore necessary in a job position in this field.

The ability to put together written documents is also required in the industry. A person who is learning how to handle administrative functions needs to be comfortable with using computer software to type memos, reports, and letters required in the course of business. In addition, he or she might have to draft written agendas for meetings and attend these events to gather updates that affect his or her administration trainee work requirements.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing