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What Does a Technical Marketing Manager Do?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Technical marketing managers are professionals who help their companies to sell technological products such as computers. These people need to have strong interpersonal communication skills and understand how goods are developed in this industry. They typically are required to earn four-year bachelor’s degrees in subjects such as business administration, marketing, or engineering. A technical marketing manager has the responsibility of not only pitching an organization’s offerings to the public, but also fielding questions regarding them. In addition, he or she installs products to be used for demonstrations as well as remains up-to-date on industry developments through training opportunities.

A chief duty of a technical marketing manager is to promote his or her company’s products. For instance, he or she has to make consumers aware of the organization’s new releases or any alterations made to existing products such as software programs. The technical marketing manager needs to understand how to best reach his or her audience using tools such as television or the Internet, as well as create strategies for pricing products that attract customers while allowing the organization to remain profitable.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Answering questions about a business’ offerings additionally constitutes a responsibility in this industry. A person who strives to become a technical marketing manager must possess solid verbal and written communication skills and have a strong understanding of the organization’s products because he or she has to answer questions from sales team members or customers about these goods. The individual also needs to be able to conduct research to gather necessary information when responding to inquiries.

Completing product installations is another critical part of a position in this career area. Showing potential customers how to use a company’s new software products in a hands-on fashion allows them to become more comfortable with purchasing the technical items. For this reason, an individual who assumes a technical marketing manager role has to be willing to install his or her business’ applications on a server that members of the sales team can use to provide demonstrations for future clients.

An individual in this job field has to stay current on the industry as well as perform writing duties. He or she must be willing to complete continuing education, which is available through conferences or college courses that give him or her updates about developments in technical products in the field. In addition, drafting technical authoritative reports regarding how new company products meet clients’ needs is an important task of a technical marketing manager.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing