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How Do I Become a Technical Sales Manager?

Amy Rodriguez
Amy Rodriguez

There are a number of different routes to become a technical sales manager. Some workers earn a bachelor's degree in business or engineering, whereas other people obtain an associate's degree. Alternatively, some people attend a trade school to learn about electronics to work as a technical sales manager. Workers that have some college experience, or even an associate's degree, may earn promotions at their current workplace to become a technical sales manager.

Earning a bachelor's degree is a common way to become a technical sales manager. A business or engineering degree complements the managerial position's requirements since you will need to be well versed in the particular product line being marketed, as well as communicating effectively with both clients and colleagues. Degree courses should cover many subject areas, including science of engineering, business management processes, and speech communications.

A technical sales manager giving a presentation.
A technical sales manager giving a presentation.

Some bachelor's degree programs offer internships for hands-on experience. You should try to find an internship within an industry that you are interested in as a career goal. For example, if you would like to work with cell phones, try an internship at a cellular manufacturing facility.

Another route to become a technical sales manager is learning a trade. Most trades center on a mechanical or electronic career, like working as a repair technician. After earning a certificate or degree in that particular trade, you can work within that industry to gain experience with the products, from repair defects to design enhancements. Understanding the internal components of a product will help you move up from a technician to a managerial position.

If you move up through a company to a managerial position, the business will probably require you to attend on-the-job training before any change in job duties occurs. Although you are well versed in the product's construction and use, you will need to understand how management interacts with customers, such as one-on-one meetings or large group gatherings. Many times, you will shadow an experienced worker to gain more insight into the technical sales manager position.

You can also earn an associate's degree to become a technical sales manager; however, you may not begin as a manager initially. Workers with associate's degrees must usually work as a sales associate in the beginning. After learning the product's features and successfully selling the item, you may be promoted through the company to a managerial position. Although there is less schooling time needed for the associate's degree, you should be aware that moving up through a corporate environment can take several years.

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    • A technical sales manager giving a presentation.
      By: Image Source IS2
      A technical sales manager giving a presentation.