What Does a Strategic Marketing Manager Do?

Nick Mann

A strategic marketing manager is a career that revolves around implementing effective marketing strategies to obtain customers for a business. While these individuals can work in variety of companies and promote a multitude of products and services, the duties performed are basically the same. These include performing continual market research, keeping tabs on competitors, devising new marketing strategies, sharing findings with fellow employees and contributing to the company website.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

In order to be an effective strategic marketing manager, performing continual market research is crucial. Staying up to date with things like buying trends, customer demographics and customer needs are all essential to success. As a result, a strategic marketing manager will spend a considerable amount of time conducting research to ensure that his company keeps up with the rest of the industry.

As he unearths new information, he must also keep tabs on other competitors. For example, he might investigate what other businesses' prices are and what marketing techniques are being used. He might also check the websites of competitors to see what the layouts are and read customer comments. Knowing this information will ultimately help his company stay competitive.

Another important element of being a strategic marketing manager is consistently devising new marketing strategies. In a fast paced business world, it's necessary to update and implement the latest marketing techniques to stay ahead. Consequently, this manager will need to continually develop new strategies and tweak old ones in order to get the most out of his company's customer base and increase sales. As a result, this career often requires a willingness to experiment with new advertising methods and take calculated risks.

Periodically sharing his findings with fellow employees within other departments is also crucial for the success of a strategic marketing manager. Without sharing his knowledge with others, it's difficult for a business to move ahead. That's why most strategic marketing managers will hold meetings and conferences with other business departments from time to time. During these meetings, the manager may give a presentation or a lecture to keep everyone else up-to-date and on the same page.

In addition, a strategic marketing manager will often contribute to his company's website. As he learns new industry information and monitors competitors, he will usually assist a business's web designer in order to optimize the navigation and product placement within the website. Doing so should help increase customer conversion and ultimately lead to maximizing sales.

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