What Does a Service Center Technician Do?

Nick Mann

Working as a service center technician is ideal for a person with extensive knowledge of computers and office machines. In most cases, these individuals travel to businesses and assist with the setup or repair of office equipment. To perform this job effectively, a service center technician should be able to quickly pinpoint and fix equipment problems and be able to communicate with others. Some primary duties of this position include traveling to a customer's location, installing new equipment, repairing existing equipment, filling out reports and monitoring inventory.

Service center technicians may travel to businesses to set up or repair computer equipment.
Service center technicians may travel to businesses to set up or repair computer equipment.

In most instances, a service center technician will have to travel to a customer's location to complete an assignment. Before he does so, he will usually communicate over the phone or through online correspondence to identify the issue. Once he has obtained enough background information, he will gather the necessary supplies and equipment to handle the job.

When customers need new equipment set up, a service technician will complete the initial installation process. This might involve installing a new computer system, fax machine or software program. Basically, a technician will get the new equipment up and running and give the customer the run down on how to use it. Consequently, this position requires a person with knowledge of multiple types of office equipment and the ability to transfer knowledge to customers.

When customers run into problems with equipment, it's the job of a service center technician to troubleshoot and fix the issue. For example, if a customer's fax machine isn't operating correctly, he might make adjustments and replace any necessary parts. Due to the technical and mechanical nature of this job, a service center technician will often need to be skilled with hand and power tools.

Each time an assignment is completed, a service center technician will also be required to fill out a report. This typically includes information like the date and time of an assignment, how long it took to complete, problems encountered, equipment used and overall cost. For most companies, these forms will be placed into a computer system where they can be accessed later on. This practice helps to organize a company's accounts and keeps customers' information on file.

Monitoring inventory is often an additional aspect of this job. In order to keep equipment and supplies stocked, a service center technician is usually the one responsible for overseeing and managing all inventory. This could include computer hardware, computer software, wireless equipment and fax machine parts. Performing this task effectively requires a person to be organized and able to look ahead.

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