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What Does a Regional Sales Director Do?

Kenneth W. Michael Wills
Kenneth W. Michael Wills

Job positions with the title of regional sales director usually involve meeting a predetermined sales quota in the assigned region. A region, however, may be across international boundaries or consist of an assigned territory within a nation. Regional sales directors may manage others to meet this quota, or in other cases meeting the quota is his or her sole responsibility, depending on the employer’s requirements. Tasks to perform the job often include planning and implementing a sales strategy, coordinating with the marketing department to support that strategy, and managing all partnerships, sales accounts, and the sales pipeline to include presenting products or solutions to end customers. Additional tasks may include conducting market research, negotiating contracts, and working with legal teams to draft contracts.

Reporting to executive management, often a vice-president, a regional sales director will map out a sales strategy for his or her assigned region. In that sales plan, the director will demonstrate his or her plan to meet the predetermined sales quota. Identifying prospects, additional opportunities with current customers, and partners who can facilitate sales growth is part of this process. Coordinating with the marketing department is also crucial to developing a solid sales plan, with the objective of reaching potential customers and partners through targeted marketing efforts. Upon completing the sales plan, the regional sales director holds the responsibility to implement that plan and also holds accountability for its successful or failure.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Implementation of the sales plan will involve a variety of tasks and management processes. Under the regional sales director’s supervision, existing partners will take direction to increase sales. As well, some directors will also have an in-house sales team that they direct and manage. Keeping the sales pipeline full of potential prospects and opportunities, he or she will manage the pipeline to ensure that it produces results. Aside from various management responsibilities, the director will also meet with and make presentations to potential partners, new prospects and existing customers.

Supporting and reaffirming these efforts, the regional sales director will also conduct market research to assess competition and the viability of products and services as well as to identify new opportunities. Assuring profitability of all new sales accounts, he or she will also negotiate contracts and work closely with a legal team in drafting those contracts. Reporting is also central to the job, and aside from developing a sales plan, the regional sales director will also spend time compiling reports that show his or her progress toward meeting established sales quotas.

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