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What Does a Nursing Tutor Do?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A nursing tutor is a professional who has developed substantial credentials in the nursing industry and who provides one-on-one guidance to nursing students. This professional may or may not be officially linked to an educational institution, but anyone who acts as a nursing tutor must have completed an education in nursing and, preferably, have worked in a nursing setting for many years. The goal of the tutor is to help nursing students understand relevant concepts and issues as they relate to a nursing education. A student who is in need of additional guidance beyond that provided by a nursing instructor may seek out a tutor.

Sometimes educational institutions will hire tutors to staff a tutoring center on campus. A nursing tutor will, in this case, be employed by the school and will be paid an hourly wage to provide guidance to students outside of class time. The tutor will usually have a general understanding of the course requirements and subject matter to more accurately guide the student in terms of understanding key concepts. A nursing tutor may work with the student on a particular skill or concept, or the tutor may provide guidance on broader subject matter and many skills.

A nursing tutor can help students review clinical terms.
A nursing tutor can help students review clinical terms.

In other cases, the nursing tutor may provide services independently of the educational institution. He or she will work on a freelance basis, and must advertise his or her services in order to reach potential students. The rates the tutor may charge can vary significantly, as there is no set pricing structure for freelancers, but most tutors will charge competitive rates in keeping with their qualifications and track record of effectiveness. The nursing tutor and student will meet at an agreed upon location as many times as is necessary as determined by both the student and the tutor.

Tutors generally will not write lesson plans or provide formal instruction in the same way a teacher or professor will. Instead, the tutor will assess the student's specific needs and develop a plan for addressing educational shortcomings. The tutoring plan will vary by student, and the tutor may or may not use teaching materials used by the nursing school. Many tutors choose to use their own materials, or materials they have found to be effective in the past; in other cases, the nursing tutor may require the student to bring textbooks and other materials administered by the school he or she attends.

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    • A nursing tutor can help students review clinical terms.
      By: Monkey Business
      A nursing tutor can help students review clinical terms.