What Does a Mining Specialist Do?

Jessica F. Black

A mining specialist is usually a position that is directly involved in the sales and marketing department of a mining company. His or her duties may vary depending on the company, location, and job description, but general responsibilities usually revolve around sales growth in the mining industry. This profession is a lot more complex than assisting marketing with profitable projects because a mining specialist must have an advanced technological understanding of the industry. Most of these specialists have at least a four year degree in mechanical engineering or a related field and have had several years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Several miners working.
Several miners working.

In reference to the marketing and sales department, a mining specialist usually ensures that the company is up-to-date on all industrial innovations and marketing trends. He or she usually develops a business rapport with clients and maintains these relationships by providing positive feedback and customer assistance. On-site product demonstrations are also performed by a mining specialist, which is a marketing technique that helps a company's sales growth.

Tunnels in a mine.
Tunnels in a mine.

Aside from assisting the marketing team with sales approaches, a mining specialist is involved with a project from the time that it is proposed to a client until after the sale is complete. He or she is responsible for training and assisting stakeholders with product usage, repair, and providing technical support. Continuous on-site assistance for clients is provided by a mining specialist in regards to a product's operation, maintenance, and usage. Due to the constant interaction with stakeholders and other professionals, a mining specialist must have excellent communication skills, the ability to convey technical information to clients, engineering expertise, and an awareness of all safety procedures.

Administrative duties are also an important aspect of this career, and all information regarding customers, accounts, prospects, and products must be entered into a specific computer program provided by the employer. Technical input from a mining specialist also aids the company in preparing operating manuals and other written materials needed for product sales. Due to this particular area of expertise, he or she is also required to be extremely knowledgeable of the technical components of a product in order to report problems or improvements that may be needed. This position also requires that the employee be in good physical health because of heavy equipment and there may also be a requirement to go underground, so they should be extremely familiar with mining safety procedures.

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