How Do I Choose the Best Miner's Helmet?

Jeremy Laukkonen

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the best miner's helmet, such as safety and comfort. Some of these helmets come with built-in lamps, though you may prefer to choose one with an accessory slot that will allow you to install a light of your choice. If you want to use any other accessories with your miner's helmet, you may also want to make sure that you find one that will accept them. You should also consider the way you want to wear your miner's helmet. Most safety helmets are designed to be worn in only one orientation, so if you want to be able to wear yours backward, you need to choose one marked with a reversed donning arrow.

Helmets can protect miners from small scale cave-ins or loose, falling debris.
Helmets can protect miners from small scale cave-ins or loose, falling debris.

The history of all hard hats can actually be traced to the mining industry, when an invention known as the "hard boiled hat" was created around the year 1915. These early mining helmets were made out of canvas that was treated, steamed and then formed into a protective cap that included a suspension system similar to those used today. Hard hats quickly spread into other industries, such as construction, though they have remained an important contributor to the safety of miners into the present day. These helmets have been made out of everything from aluminum to fiberglass, though most modern units are constructed out of injected thermoplastic.

Helmets are a critical piece of mining safety equipment.
Helmets are a critical piece of mining safety equipment.

When attempting to choose the best miner's helmet, the first concern should be safety. It is important to select a helmet that is specifically designed for use in mines, and that meets or exceeds all of the relevant specifications. The helmet should be sized properly for your head, and you may want to look for a unit that has a no-slip, ratcheting suspension system. This type of suspension system can allow you to easily adjust the helmet to fit you properly, which will reduce the chances of it falling off during use. If you think you may want to wear your helmet backward at any point, it is also important that you choose a unit that is labeled with a reverse donning arrow.

There are many other features and accessories you may want to look for in a miner's helmet, depending on your preferences and how you plan on using the unit. Some miner's helmets come with built-in lamps, which can make it easier to see while you are doing your job. You may want to choose a helmet with an accessory slot instead though, as that can allow you to install any type of lamp you want. Some helmets are also designed to accept other accessories, such as goggles and welding face shields.

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