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What Does a Job Development Specialist Do?

L.K. Blackburn
L.K. Blackburn

A job development specialist is hired by organizations to assist individuals with career development, conduct team training, and track the job market. Non-profit groups, regional governments, and private businesses can all employ job development specialists to help people write resumes and train for interviews. Responsibilities may include networking with local businesses to know who is hiring to help individuals find employment when they need it most. A job development specialist can work with individuals to help them complete their education, develop a skill set, and find a permanent job.

Usually, the primary responsibility of the job development specialist is to assist people in finding employment. Specialists may be employed by the government or non-profit groups to provide a service to different types of disadvantaged populations. The exact duties of specialists depend on their place of employment and the type of assistance they aim to provide.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Job development specialists usually work closely with people. They can hold mock interviews, consult with fellow employees, and talk with people to help narrow down career paths. Often, a job development specialist also functions as a counselor to help people work through problems that may impede their ability to find employment. They can often be key in helping build a person’s self confidence, and helping with personal issues. Specialists also help people craft cover letters, edit resumes, and submit applications for open job positions.

In order to best assist with placement, a job development specialist may need to be aware of market trends such as the unemployment rate. They should be able to identify quickly growing professions, and understand the educational standards required for employment. Part of this process can include tracking local businesses hiring needs and regional employment growth. It may be helpful for a job development specialist to know the different types of entry level positions within a variety of industries to help people begin their careers.

People that come to a job development specialist for assistance may first need to complete their high school education. Specialists can assist them in studying for and taking a regional high school equivalency exam in order for them to formally earn their high school degree. When someone has already graduated from high school, job development specialists can work with the individual to help them begin college or take vocational classes. At times,they may work with certain individuals over the course of many years to guide them through the process of high school, college, and embarking on a new career.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing