What does a Gift Wrapper do?

Felicia Dye

Presentation often plays an important role in the giving and receiving of gifts. Many people, however, do not believe they have the skills necessary to make their presents as nice as they would like them to be. In these instances, they often utilize the services of a gift wrapper, who is someone who professionally decorates packages.

A plain gift bag.
A plain gift bag.

A gift wrapper generally uses her skills to decide how to make a present alluring and interesting. Most likely she will base her decisions on factors such as the item which is being given, the occasion for which it is being given, and the person who will receive it. She may have to obtain some of this information from the person who requests the wrapping of the present.

Wrapped gifts.
Wrapped gifts.

The decisions that a gift wrapper may need to make include whether to place a present in a gift bag, gift box, or to use gift wrapping paper. She will also decide the designs and colors that best fit the situation. She may use items such as bows, ribbon, and tissue paper to increase the visual appeal of the package.

There are several things that a gift wrapper does to make a present look professionally wrapped. One of the skills that these individuals usually possesses is the ability to fold and attach gift wrapping paper so it is taut and neat. These individuals also tend to know how to tie and curl ribbon in ways that the average consumer may not.

A gift wrapper is normally self-taught or she receives on-the-job training. There are, however, classes offered that teach people gift wrapping skills. These classes are usually not part of a curriculum. Instead, they are usually leisure activities that can help people develop such skills in a short period.

Some gift wrappers work independently and charge for their services. Others may be employees at gift shops, department stores, or booths in shopping malls. These businesses commonly charge clients for the services, even if they sold the clients the gifts that need wrapping. Sometimes, however, people can utilize the services of gift wrappers at low costs.

Some gift wrappers provide services as a means of charity or fundraising. In some places, gift wrappers can be found in shopping areas offering their services on a donation basis. This means the person who has a package wrapped will not be charged, but will be asked to give what she likes. These donated funds are often used to support causes such as assistance for needy children or people with particular illnesses.

Wrapped Christmas gifts.
Wrapped Christmas gifts.

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