How do I Become a Gift Shop Manager?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis
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Woman shopping

There are two different ways to become a gift shop manager. The first way is to obtain a degree in business administration from an accredited university. The second way is to obtain a job as a gift shop clerk, and then work your way up to the position of manager.

Throughout the world, there are various universities that offer degrees in business administration. Since many gift shop owners want to hire managers who know how to run a business, gaining a business administration degree can help you become a gift shop manager. While many gift shop owners may enjoy the fact that you have a business degree, some shop owners may still want to hire someone with retail experience.

Gaining a position as a regular employee in a gift shop will give you valuable retail experience. Retail management can be complicated, which is why experience within this field is frequently appreciated by employers. Demonstrating your passion for retail and your desire to gain a management position will also help you to become a gift shop manager.

Depending upon the size of the gift shop that you want to manage, you may discover that some companies have strict hiring policies. Various large gift shop companies only hire from within, which means that you'll have to work as a regular employee before gaining a management position. Smaller gift shops may not have the same policies, and these shops tend to hire outside management employees.

Aside from obtaining a university degree or working your way up to a management position, you'll also want to make sure that you have the necessary skills to become a gift shop manager. Managers not only handle employee schedules and disputes, they also speak with customers, purchase products for a store, and ensure that a store runs smoothly overall.

If you wish to become a gift shop manager, you will have to perfect your communication skills. Learning how to react calmly and rationally in any situation is important. Likewise, you'll also need to learn how to think logically and quickly. Various computer skills may also be necessary in order to become a manager, since many gift shops rely upon computer programs for numerous tasks.

To find a gift shop management position, speak with local gift shop owners. If you intend to apply for a position within a large company, take a look at a company's website, since job positions are often posted on websites. You can also speak with a job placement agency representative, who may be able to find a management position for you.

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