What does a Creative Web Designer do?

Sheri Cyprus

A creative web designer creates design layouts for websites. He or she uses web technologies and development software to add images and design elements to sites. Since creative web designers usually work on many different client projects at once, they must be well organized as well as deadline driven.

Some web designers will deal with search engine optimization.
Some web designers will deal with search engine optimization.

Creative web designers are responsible for all of the visual parts of websites. They choose and work with the colors, images, sounds, photography, animation, and type style for each website they produce. A creative web designer must select design components that best amplify the message of each website's words.

A web designer must be proficient in HTML code to create a functional website.
A web designer must be proficient in HTML code to create a functional website.

Creative web designers usually work with website writers to compose and lay out images to accompany the written text. A senior creative web designer may be in charge of a team of junior designers as well as writers. These types of web designers are often familiar with web text strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), in which keywords are used within web copy to help drive more potential customers to the website.

In other cases, especially in advertising agencies, a senior web designer works with a copywriter and both report to a creative director. The senior designer and copywriter typically each manage a team of juniors in the agency's creative department. Advertising agency jobs for a creative web designer are usually full time. Alternatively, a web designer may have his or her own design business at home and work on freelance projects for different clients that may include ad agencies.

In addition to designing websites for many different kinds and sizes of businesses, a creative web designer may create logos for new businesses. Most creative web designers work directly with clients. They usually communicate with these clients by email and telephone as well as in face to face project meetings. A web designer must always strive to meet project deadlines; this means being extremely organized and keeping careful track of multiple client projects at once. Maintaining an organized system of project files is a crucial responsibility of a creative web designer.

Learning new software programs may be required of creative web designers working in corporations and other businesses. Some creative web development software programs may be complex; it's often up to the designer to take the time needed to learn any new technologies. Creative web designers who keep adding to their software knowledge are more likely to be in demand for work than those who know only a few simpler or older graphics programs. Production skills and techniques are important in a web designer's skill set, as employers and clients expect a finished, professional look to their website designs.

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