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What does a Commercial Superintendent do?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

A commercial superintendent is responsible for managing the building operations. He or she is often the only on-site representative of the property management firm. The tasks assigned vary depending on the size of the building, number of tenants, support staff, and the type of building. For example, a banking tower in the middle of a financial district typically has higher expectations and requirements than a low-rise commercial medical building in the suburbs.

Commercial superintendents are employed by large property management or commercial leasing companies. Most commercial superintendents are responsible for the cleaning of common areas and site maintenance. A good commercial superintendent is well known by the tenants, called for assistance on a regular basis, and takes professional pride in his or her work.

Commercial superintendents may be employed by commercial leasing companies.
Commercial superintendents may be employed by commercial leasing companies.

Most people who become a commercial superintendent have many years of experience as a site manager, assistant superintendent, or custodian. There is no formal post-secondary education program to train for this career. Instead, the skills are learned through a combination of work experience and employer-provided training.

The salary levels for this position vary greatly, depending on the size of the building, level of service required, and longevity of the staff member. It is important to note that this position is normally hourly paid, and that many firms require availability for on-call hours and overtime as required. The commercial superintendent is often expected to start work well before any tenants arrive. Take this into consideration when looking for a position as a commercial superintendent.

The cleaning of common areas includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and overall cleaning. Some firms include floor waxing and carpet cleaning in the list of required tasks, while others use an outside service for this type of heavy cleaning. Attention to detail and professional pride make a big difference in this type of work. A professionally cleaned building is welcoming and a pleasure to be in.

Maintenance of the equipment and lighting is another part of this job and the level of maintenance required varies greatly, often based on the candidate's own skill level. For example, someone who has experience with electrical repairs and enjoys working with their hands might take a more involved role in equipment maintenance. Other candidates may simply evaluate the type of service required and contact the appropriate resources. Some firms appreciate initiative, while others have strict procedures that need to be followed. Learn more about the firm and decide if it is the right environment for you.

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    • Commercial superintendents may be employed by commercial leasing companies.
      By: Andy Dean
      Commercial superintendents may be employed by commercial leasing companies.