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How do I Become a Residential Superintendent?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

It is very common for people who have worked as an assistant superintendent to explore opportunities to become a residential superintendent. This is a full-time position and typically requires the successful candidate to live on-site and manage the daily operations of a residential building. Although many people assume this role is found in apartment buildings, it is also available in student residences, townhouse complexes, long-term residences, and other related facilities.

The residential superintendent works for the property management company and is the front line representative of the firm. As such, he or she is typically expected to wear the company uniform, participate in company training programs, and follow standard operational procedures. The residential superintendent reports to the property manager, who is usually responsible for multiple properties.

Townhouse complexes have residential superintendents.
Townhouse complexes have residential superintendents.

There is no formal post-secondary education program to become a residential superintendent. Instead, many people have completed training programs in the various skilled trades or learned their skills on the job. In this type of career, work experience is more important than academic credentials. Attitude and mechanical aptitude are essential in this job and can be gained through a wide range of positions.

The primary responsibilities of a residential superintendent are site maintenance, cleaning of common areas, and resolving minor maintenance problems. The first step to become a residential superintendent is to develop these skills and apply them in a workplace setting. There are a range of positions that provide opportunities to work in maintenance, such as caretaking, facilities management, and similar positions.

It is important to note that there are additional requirements and restrictions that impact your life once you become a residential superintendent. He or she is expected to be available to residents outside standard business hours, often on-call overnight. An apartment unit is provided free of charge to the residential superintendent, as part of the job offer. However, this often means frequent interruptions and a reduced ability to maintain a work-life balance.

Most people who want to become a residential superintendent enjoy working outside and in a variety of areas. He or she is typically mechanically inclined and outgoing. Customer management skills are very important in this role. The superintendent is responsible for ensuring the smooth, seamless operation of the building.

When looking for a position as a superintendent, invest some time to learn about the property management companies that own the properties. Visit a few different sites to see the current level of maintenance and cleanliness. Talk with the existing staff to find out more about what the company is like to work for, before submitting your application.

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    • Townhouse complexes have residential superintendents.
      By: Steve Rosset
      Townhouse complexes have residential superintendents.