What Do Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists Do?

Esther Ejim

Just like the name suggests, orthopedic rehabilitation specialists are professionals who are trained to assist in the rehabilitation of people who may have sustained some form of orthopedic injury. Such people usually work independently, or they may work in conjunction with orthopedic surgeons who may refer patients to them for further rehabilitation after surgery or for when patients will benefit more from their services than from those of the orthopedic surgeon. This is due to the fact that some conditions might be too delicate for the services of orthopedic surgeons, in which case orthopedic rehabilitation specialists will assist the individual in learning how to manage the situation. An example of this can be seen in a situation where someone sustains a broken bone in the little finger, which has already started to heal a little crookedly. The orthopedic surgeon might decide that the adverse effects of opening the finger in order to re-break and reset the bone might be too complicated for little gain and instead refer the patient to orthopedic rehabilitation specialists who will assist him or her in managing the condition.

An orthopedic rehabilitation specialist works with people who have sustained an orthopedic injury.
An orthopedic rehabilitation specialist works with people who have sustained an orthopedic injury.

Patients who orthopedic rehabilitation specialists assist vary a lot, and they include people who may have sustained some form of sport-related orthopedic injury or those with similar injuries. The scope of the injuries also vary, ranging from people with painful sprains to those with serious problems for which they have undergone series of reconstructive orthopedic surgery. During the initial visit by a patient, the orthopedic rehabilitation specialist will perform an analysis of the individual's condition with the aim of finding out the precise scope of the patient’s issues. Based on the result of this initial analysis, the specialist will develop a management regime for the individual.

Such a regime may also be further adjusted to complement the progression of the individual after the treatment commences. Some people might have difficulty in achieving the normal range of motions in various parts of their bodies after accidents, in which case such specialists can help them regain the motion. Others might experience serious pain whenever they attempt to perform certain tasks, in which case targeted exercises and therapy can help in the alleviation of these problems. Those who may have had some form of orthopedic surgery can also benefit from the expertise of orthopedic rehabilitation specialists in order to regain use of the affected area.

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