What do Insurance Adjusters do?

Harriette Halepis

Insurance adjusters investigate claims made to insurance companies. It is often the responsibility of an adjuster to determine whether or not an insurance company is liable when it comes to personal, property, or theft related damages. Most adjusters work with a variety of professionals to come to a claims conclusion.

Some insurance adjusters visit property to inspect the damage after a disaster.
Some insurance adjusters visit property to inspect the damage after a disaster.

Depending upon the case at hand, an insurance adjuster may have to work with police, fire departments, medical specialists, witnesses, claimants, and a number of other people. In many ways, this profession is a lot like that of a sleuth. Only once all evidence has been compiled can an adjuster create a complete case report.

Insurance adjusters tend to work long hours.
Insurance adjusters tend to work long hours.

Aside from investigating each assigned claim, insurance adjusters are also responsible for calculating claim expenses. Thus, certain basic math skills are required for those seeking a position as an adjuster. Additional education requirements include a high school diploma. Many insurance companies also require that adjusters have a bachelor of arts degree, though this is not always the case for those that have extensive experience.

It is possible for an insurance adjuster to work his or her way up within an insurance company. Many adjusters begin their careers as junior employers of an insurance company. Often, the position of an adjuster is gained after many years of demonstrated industry knowledge and experience.

In addition to possible educational requirements and work experience, many modern adjusters also gain certification. Experienced adjusters may seek a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter certification within the United States. Across the globe, other certifications may also exist. While not necessary, those adjusters that have obtained some type of certification are often in higher demand than those that do not have any kind of certification.

Insurance adjusters tend to work long hours, though the number of hours worked will vary from company to company. Those that are able to work independently may be allowed to work from home. Some travel may also be required of insurance adjusters. Companies that deal with frequent natural disaster claims may send adjusters to disaster sights in order to gather information. Therefore, those seeking this type of job position must be willing to travel on a regular basis.

Adjuster jobs can be found through job placement agencies, by applying to insurance companies directly, or through job placement websites. While anyone can apply for the position of an adjuster, those that will thrive as insurance adjusters should be analytical, independent, and highly motivated.

Insurance claims are reviewed by an adjuster.
Insurance claims are reviewed by an adjuster.

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