How Do I Become a Casualty Adjuster?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
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To become a casualty adjuster, it can be helpful first to earn an academic degree in a field such as business, accounting, or mathematics. While it is not necessary to have a graduate degree in order to enter this profession, many casualty adjusters find that employers consider them better prepared if they do have this level of formal training. Many aspiring insurance adjusters take internships and part time jobs at insurance firms while they are enrolled in degree programs. In some areas, an individual may need to earn a license to become a casualty adjuster.

A casualty adjuster is an insurance professional who mainly works on claims regarding damage to property and injury to persons. When a policy holder submits a claim, an adjuster might be responsible for interviewing witnesses, law enforcement officials, and individuals who were involved in an accident. Casualty adjusters may also consult specialists, such as accountants and building inspectors, who can provide valuable insight regarding factors such as causes of damage and cost of repairs.

In many cases, a person who would like to become a casualty adjuster may not be required to have a college degree, though most professionals in this field do have formal academic training. Knowledge of business and mathematical principles can be a valuable asset for a casualty adjuster. Accounting is also a common degree program for an individual who would like to become a casualty adjuster.

While in school, it might a good idea to gain some real world professional experience. Many programs offer students internship opportunities with insurance firms. If you do not have the opportunity to participate in an internship, you may want to take a part time job in the insurance industry.

Casualty adjusters, in many cases, must earn a license in order to practice. In areas where a license is not required, aspiring adjusters still might be strongly advised to earn a license anyway. This kind of credential can strengthen your resume. To earn a license, you normally must take several courses and pass a proficiency exam.

Once you have earned the necessary credentials, your next step should be to compose a resume. This is a document on which you list all related job and work experience. You also can list any awards, publications, or honors you think would help to make you a stronger job candidate. Employers who are interested in your resume might then call you in for interviews with managers or senior staff members.

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