What Are Whole Grain Wraps?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Whole grain wraps are traditional sandwich alternatives. These types of sandwich wraps are typically made from fillings rolled in whole grain soft tortilla shells. They are considered healthier than sandwiches and wraps made with flour tortilla.

Barley, which can be used to make whole grain wraps.
Barley, which can be used to make whole grain wraps.

A sandwich wrap is basically a variation on a burrito. It consists of sandwich fixings rolled or folded in a very thin, soft type of flat bread, known as a tortilla. A traditional tortilla is usually made with white flour. Whole grain tortillas, on the other hand, are typically made from whole grain flour.

To make a whole grain wrap, a whole grain tortilla is laid flat on a counter or plate. Sandwich fixings are then laid on the middle of the wrap in a straight line. The bottom part of the wrap is then folded up over the fillings. One side of the wrap is then folded over the filling as well, and it can then be rolled up.

Several sandwich fillings can be used to make whole grain wraps. Lunch meats, particularly chicken and turkey, are popular sandwich wrap ingredients. Ham, beef, bacon, pastrami, salami, and bologna can be used as well. Cheeses, sauces and condiments might also be added to whole grain wraps for added flavor.

A variety of vegetables might also be included in whole grain wraps. Traditional sandwich vegetables may be used, including lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Some whole grain wraps can even be vegetarian meals if there is no meat on them.

Whole grain foods are typically considered healthier than foods made with refined grains. These types of food often contain more vitamin B, which is used by the body for energy. A whole grain wrap will also usually contain higher amounts of several other vitamins and minerals, including iron and magnesium. Eating whole grain foods can also help people maintain a healthy weight, since they are high in fiber.

A person who sticks with a whole grain diet is also generally less likely to suffer from a number of chronic health problems. The risk of developing type II diabetes decreases, for instance, when a person eats whole grain foods regularly. These types of foods can also lower a person's risk of suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure. Some studies also suggest that people who eat a whole grain diet may be less likely to suffer from migraines.

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    • Barley, which can be used to make whole grain wraps.
      By: 1999istek
      Barley, which can be used to make whole grain wraps.