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What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Vintage Hair Dryer?

B. Miller
B. Miller

In general, there are far more cons than pros to using a vintage hair dryer. Though they can be pretty inexpensive, or even free if they belonged to a family member, but they also tend to be very hot, and possibly damaging to the hair. They may also use more energy, and sound much louder, than more modern hair dryers. On the other hand, a vintage hair dryer can be an interesting item for a bathroom, and can perform double duty as a hair dryer and a decoration. Another option is to simply purchase a modern hair dryer that looks vintage, which some manufacturers are now producing.

A vintage hair dryer can likely function just like a newer hair dryer if all an individual wants is to dry his or her hair. They can often be found at flea markets or yard sales for almost nothing, making them an appealing purchase for many people. Unfortunately, the pros of using an outdated appliance such as this tend to end there.

Modern hair dryers are often quieter and use less energy than vintage models.
Modern hair dryers are often quieter and use less energy than vintage models.

Though a vintage hair dryer will certainly get hair dry, it will not usually feature different heat settings, and may get too hot. This can dry out and damage the hair, and may even increase the risk of burns to the scalp. In addition, a vintage hair dryer will typically make a great deal of noise compared to updated hair dryers. Some people don't care about this, but family members or roommates might get annoyed, especially if an individual dries his or her hair in the morning before work.

Another consideration is safety. Most modern hair dryers have shock protector plugs that will immediately shut the dryer off if it gets wet or if any other issues occur with the power supply, such as overheating; a vintage hair dryer may not include this important safety feature, which is important if children live in the house. Also, some older models contained asbestos insulation; such hairdryers should never be used, and careful research may be necessary to determine if a particular model contains this harmful material.

Some people simply choose to use a vintage hair dryer as a decoration in their bathroom, which is another option for people who like the look of vintage or antique items. For people who want the vintage look, but want a more updated hair dryer with better features such as heat settings and a safety shut-off, purchasing a modern hair dryer designed in a vintage style is a good option. These may be slightly more difficult to find in stores, but they can be ordered online. Another plus is that these hair dryers will often include a warranty as well.

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    • Modern hair dryers are often quieter and use less energy than vintage models.
      By: macbrianmun
      Modern hair dryers are often quieter and use less energy than vintage models.